Death is only the Beginning

Session 1: A party to be remembered
Session 1: A party to be remembered

Its only been a few weeks since it happened… but it still feels unreal. One minute you were laughing with your friends and the next you were being shot. The next thing you know you were waking up in the hospital (except for Chris) being told that everything you remember is wrong. That it was a gas explosion. That the people who shot you and your friends were Marshals there to help, the monster that attacked you was a delusion from a gas leak. You also have noticed strange coincidences in the last few week. Objects moving or breaking, hearing voices from people who are not talking, seeing auras around people that give off different feelings. " I’m not crazy" you keep telling yourself, as you recover and start trying to make sense of how to move on with your life.

Thankfully some of your friends remember the same things as you and also have had similar strange occurrences.

OUT OF HOSPITAL: end of week 1, everyone but Kyle/Aubert/Min out of hospital

-Michael holds a meeting with Kyle, Chris, and Matthew to talk about what has happened. The group begins to investigate the story they have been told about what happened to tr yand discover the truth behind the monster that attacked them and the strike force that defeated it and shot them all. They agree to be discreet, not let on what they know, and investigate both their new abilities and the truth in secret. Meeting back every week or so to share their results.

**The group discovers the backyard of the house where everything happened seems to be a source of power for their new abilities. (Hallow 1: 1 mana a week)

-Kyle investigates the integrity of the house – 1 success investigation – the damage doesn’t seem consistent wit ha gas explosion. He also searches for bugs and taps using craft – 3 successes.

Chris : science 3 successes – gas and fire damage couldn’t have caused the injuries the players or the dead pg&E worker suffered. Finds bugs at his home.

Matt: noticed spy and leaves for resteraunt. Notices that the aura around crasses gives off nearly dead and parasitic feelings. Also sees women out clubbing downtown that has a aura that shows that she is dead…

group project: the video on youtube that Andy posted of the vent is gone, and replaced with a video of just the backyard. With some investigation and computers: 2/2/1 and kyle using his data retrieval contact: the file was re-uploaded, the aspect ratios were wrong: the file wasn’t the original uploaded.
Group Contact/ Ally: Andy

Official Meeting 1 – end of week 2

-Michael word searches on phrases heard during the aftermath of the event. -5 successes computers – he finds outdated references to hunters net. Victus and other information obtained. Using precautions and a temporary phone.

-Chris looks into the ‘Marshals’ and police using academics 6 successes) – found lacking information on the marshals.

Matt looks into Crassus and the shell company he works for 2 successes investigation – the PG&E worker (the dead body that was left by the monster after the explosion) had a bad facebook page with no real history.

Kyle: searches for magic on the internet – 3 successes – minimal progress

Meeting 2:
Matt: Searches home for bugs and find them in router – 3 successes – also notices strange auras in the graveyard near his friends house.
Kyle: He also looks up magic on the internet. minimal progress – 3 successes .
Chris: While driving to one of the weekly meetings he notices auras using his prime vision around a house. It might be worth investigating.
**Everyone notices strangeness to the Auras around Min and Aubert who attend this meeting, and apparently also have strange powers.

End of Session:

Everyone gets 6 exp, 1 dot in a primary sphere, 1 gnosis

Michael took +1 gnosis, with 3 merits (he owned already)
Chris took +1 gnosis, with 3 merits (he owned already)
Matthew took +1 gnosis, with 3 merits (he owned already)
Kyle took 1 sanctum and enchanted item shield 1

Session 2: Settling In
Session 2: Settling In

Its been 4 weeks since the incident. Everyone is finally recovered, the damage to the home is fixed, your checks for everything have been coming in the mail like clockwork, and you know that things will never be the same.

The third meeting is held at the end of week 4.
- Chris leverages his newfound wealth to purchase some land up on skyline on the down low and the group starts building up a sanctum. Kyle added some rooms made of stone blocks and Michael added some security measures. (Sanctum created) 2 size/ 1 security. (Cameras/RFID/Mage Net)
- Shammayal has also found some bugs
-Kyle uses his contats at facebook data retrieval to do some searching on Alexander Morough, Edith Sheffer, and Charles Macginnis
-Chris uses his contacts at Stanford to lookup Edith Sheffer, Shammayal comes along and convinces an admin to give her the teachers address in the ‘faculty ghetto’ (location and npc discovered)

Shared: During the week Shammayal runs into Marcus Crassus and follows him, she notices a strange women with a rifle that no one else seems to see. She follows them to an office building in PA and sees armed men entering and leaving the building. (location discovered) (Npc discovered)

Shared: During the week Matt noticed a women with strange auras – black veins and perhaps the healthiest physical aura he has seen. She meets with a man and what appears to be his Teenage son, they both have dark Auras and the son seems to be recovering from some physical ordeal. The women goes into a Scientology building afterwards ( Npc discovered, Location discovered)

After sharing this information Michael and Kyle try investigating the building Shammayal found. Kyle gets 5 successes, Michael gets 2. They discover the building is owned by Convergent Technologies. Kyle confirms the changing IP addresses from the building match up to the ones that keeping changing online files.

the group goes to the park to look at the totem in the redwoods at the Portola Valley town center (location discovered). Old core / 100 years old / strong emotions. Kyle touches the totem and gets a very strong negative response. Michael feels strong anger.

They try to visit Aubert afterwards, but he isn’t home. His mother gives the group some updates on him and Min who both have new jobs and moved in together.


Michael explains his derangement with guns

Group visits the house with the Aura Chris saw before. Shadow magic stopped before it reached the house. They convince an old neighbor to steal mail/packages from the house and learn the identity of the owner. Keira Collins – they get a homephone and an email for her Zumba classes. They learn shes abroad atm teaching zumba on a cruise ship. Michael sends her a discreet email.

Everyone prepares to meet with Marcus Crassus in downtown PA to discuss their status since the incident, pretending they dont know whats going on.


Everyone shows up to the meeting. Crassus talks about how they have been doing, addresses any concerns. Several people notice Crassus doing something to them, effecting their emotions to trust him more, Matt notices that Crassus could tell some people resisted his ability.

Week 5:

During the week Michael notices a red truck with a rugged women and man driving by their house a few times on wed/thur. After he points it out kyle notices it more as well.

Week 5 meeting :
Friday –
Saturday – go to Edith’s house, she reacts badly and pulls out an Uzi, Shammayal uses her ability to calm her down and get her to talk.

End of Session 2:
**2nd dot in primary/ first dot Secondary Spheres, 2 dots in rotes, 4 exp

Session 3: In Over Their Heads
Session 3: in Over Their Heads

Weekend of week 5

Ediths house: Shammayal interrogates her about what she knows, the group learns about the

*Council – powerful group of mages who took control of SF and forced the other supernatural groups into line.
- Alexander Morough – mage , friend ally, helps out people along the border, loosely affiliated with the council
*Hunters – hunternet / loosely aligned people who ‘awaken’ and end of finding each other and working together against non-humans.
- Charles Mcginnis
- Kevin – local cop
- Andrew – rich guy who likes guns

*Invinctus: Group of deaders who run San Jose

*Carthians: Group of deaders who run Oakland

She lets the party know their auras look ‘wrong’ compared to Alex’s

The party finishes talking to her, kyle fixes the lock on her back door, they leave. The party discusses what to do next.

Sunday Afternoon – kyle drops off a note w/ a gift card asking for a meeting at the totem.

Week 6:

Monday kyle gets a call at 3:45 agreeing to a meeting, 2 people each side, no one else. at 6pm in menlo park.

They meet with the two people in the Red Truck, names are Carlos and Lisa.
(new NPCS) – the group buffs up and the rest outside the meeting take up locations across the street. Its obvious that Lisa can see those people and points it out during the meeting. Kyle and Michael introduce themselves as Nick and Raphael respectively.

The two reveal that the are shifters, that the totem is part of their tribe, and reveal a little bit about the other shifter groups and the council. They finally believe the party isn’t connected to the council and offer to let them prove themselves friends. They ask the party show up next saturday to an address in woodside and come prepared for some fun (a fight).

Week 6: weekend, in place of a meeting the group prepares on friday and assembles its weaponry and sets up to go to the address on saturday.

Saturday: the group shows up to the address, they see several men and women with guns and bulletproof vests. Carlos greets them , kyle notices his special axe .
(NPC’s and Location added)

Get more info on shifter groups, pure tribes vs the rest, the trouble they had on one of their properties. Matt talks to a spirit – Stephen (was 16) brother to Anna. Spirit agrees to guide and help them.

Sparing Session with Carlos to test out equipment, fighting styles, mage armor spells.

End of Session: 4exp each (2exp Chris), everyone is now at 2 primary, 1/1 secondary spheres. Everyone Gained one merit dot up to second tier.

Session 4: Into The Line of Fire
Session 4: Into The Line of Fire

Saturday afternoon:

After the sparing session the group suits up and loads into 2 cards to drive up into the hills. After a few hours of driving they come to the area owned by the shifter pack that came under attack a few weeks ago. They arm up and go off into the woods.
-Carlos: Axe
-Lisa: rifle/knife
-Anna: Rifle, Fireaxe
-Ken: Rifle/shotgun

After a little ways they encounter 2 people, one in a trenchcoat armed with a rifle, and the other who looked homeless but packing a machine gun. After aiming for a few rounds the group and their shifter allies. Pandemonium breaks out, some kind of magic spirits help out the two gunmen who both also are revealed to be mages of some kind. They seem to use some sort of grotesque magic. When the machine gunner was killed, his body started moving on its own and attacking. Plants and vines started moving and entangling the shifters. Eventually after much effort they brought down the riflemen but the pack was badly injured. The riflemen mentioned Gregory before he was killed, his head exploding for no reason. This panicked the shifters who had the party retreat. They explained Gregory is a powerful mage who was a part of the council but who was kicked off. He’s bad news….

The group headed back to the Shifter HQ and patched up and debreifed – the party has some new allies.

Everyone gains two dots in allies : Stargazer tribe and everyone gets one dot in contacts with someone in the shifter group. Carlos/lisa/anna were mostly picked.

End of session: 4 exp each, 2 primary and 2/1 secondary spheres. Matt/Chris gain their gnosis 3. Kyle gets a new merit (up to 3), Michael gets a new merit (up to 2).

Sanctum(8): 3 size and 5 security. 5 Hallow added as well (gravestone and basement and ‘library’)
-Stone Spirit:
-Patrolling Ghost: Jacob Falls
-Cameras Around Property:
-Reinforced Doors/Windows:
-Remote Location with direct view down mountain and surrounded by forrest
-Hallow in basement (2) Michael, Hallow outisde tombstone (Jacob Falls)(1), Hallow ‘Library’ (2)

Session 5: The Less You Know....
Session 5: The Less You Know....

After spending the night resting under the protection of the Stargazer tribe… its back to business as usual. Except now you have a little more information and a little more confidence that you just might be able to handle everything that’s being thrown at you.

The Stargazers give you some new information:

Pure Tribes : Ivory Claw and Fire Touched are the two whos ‘members’ you encountered

The group deciedes they really need to find a mage in the buffer area they can contract and seek information from.

The group spends the rest of the day visiting and working on the Sanctum together, which is shaping up quite nicely.

(((Sanctum(8): 3 size and 5 security. 5 Hallow added as well (gravestone and basement and ‘library’)
-Stone Spirit: -Patrolling Ghost: Jacob Falls
-Cameras Around Property: -Reinforced Doors/Windows: -Remote Location with direct view down mountain and surrounded by forrest -Hallow in basement (2) Michael, Hallow outisde tombstone (Jacob Falls)(1), Hallow ‘Library’ (2) ))

Week 6:

Matt spends the week learning how to heal himself with Life magic.

Wed: Kyle Drives by a house that he starts to suspect is a hunter base of operations on the way up to skyline

Thursday: Michael finds a response on MageNet from Keira and the group drafts a set of questions

Questions Asked: 1) who we are 2) reach out to mages 3) dont want problems 4) advise us

Friday: that night during a house party – Michael notices something strange about webcams, check them, find issues. Everyone Permanently shut them off. Michael (perception 5) sees an “invisible” young women, in torn blue jeans and a t-shirt, with loose long black hair, outside with a rifle strapped to her back, sitting barefoot up on the neightbors wall across the street. He sensed some kind of mental invasion, warns the others. He tries to talk to her, they have a brief discussion where she indicates surprise he can see her. The Cops were called, they show up, breif non-informative conversation with the two officers who are obviously ‘special’ and maybe hunters. They give the ‘invisible’ women a look and she eventually runs offs.

Saturday/Sunday uneventfull – group levels up (early)

4 exp, 1-2 new (2), Chris Adds Hallow 2.

Week 7:

Matt Dream about Shammayal – 3 successes – 3 pieces of information

Wednesday: Response to questions from Keira: " I’ll be back in a week. Don’t go north, south, or east. Avoid the council."

Thursday 1pm: meeting with Marcus Crassus
Questions: why are they still observing us? What dont they want us to do?
“were being watched” – response – most of the effort was to keep you guys quiet and contained. No reason to continue it now that you can ‘tell’ and ‘resist what he can do’. Forcefully invites you to a meeting at his place tonight at 8pm.

Group Discusses going – decided they might as well

Next session ….. dun dun dun

Session 6: Entering the Game
Session 6: Entering the Game

Retcon – week 7 – Matt dreams about Shamayal – can tell that she has aligned interests and is still at least in part the person you knew before the incident you all suffered. She is dangerous but you don’t believe to you or your friends.

Week 7 thursday

- preparing for the meeting with Marcus’s Organization and his boss (invisible ‘deader’ that Michael saw and mentally talked to).
*Discussion – not agreeing to anything at the meeting, they will ask for time to consider first. What can they offer? Show of good faith requests?

Players all cast buffs on self, and come armed. They Aura Fix Shamayal to look like a mage

Arrive at location:
- Party walk up to the Heavy door and hit a button to talk on the side, camera swivels to view them, door opens.
-Party walk into a room with a door to the right and the left, the door to the right clicks open and the lights in the next hallway turn on. Continue down long hallway, camera tracks progress, Heavy door at the end opens. Next room is a comfortable waiting room with couch-chairs against two walls and tables in front of them. Two other doors, both heavily reinforced.

After less than a minute Marcus Crassus enters from the left door, and greets them. He asks them to leaves their weapons with Gus and the other door opens to show a heavily built man in a business suit, with another similarly outfitted smaller man behind him. They take the parties weapons and then those items seem to disappear. Kyle is able to sense then overcome the illusion and see shelves and racks of weaponry lining the walls and watches the two men take the items and slip them into the illusion.

Marcus then leads them down a set of steps, that seem to go on forever and cause the players to stratch their heads as to far how and in what direction they were going. They arrive at what appears to be a blast door which clicks open. He motions them all inside a nicely outfitted conference room with a projector, 10 chairs, and a beautiful oak table. He asks them to sit, and then seats himself at the left-side head of the table. the party situates themselves in a specific order.

A women who Michael recognizes walks into the room, wearing silicon valley business casual t-shirt and long skirt. She introduces herself as Liandra M’nere and with non-committal and veiled language talks to them about her organization, the M’nere Clan , as well as the Invictus and some other groups.

The conversation stays friendly, the party also meets Claire Kindler a hacker who brings them in drinks/snacks and Peter M’nere a doctor for the clan who sits in on the talks.

Friday: there is a party near Chris’s place, and he ends up encountering Dove and Azir two Carthian deaders. Things get hostile when he resists some ability of Dove’s and then Azir chases after him. Chris uses a friction curse and then invisibility to get away, then resolves to move.

Weekend of Week 7
-chris looks for appartments
- normal weekend they spend thinking , talking, and working on Sanctum.

Week 8

- group sends an email to Edith Shaffer

-Sunday a package shows up at the menlo park house full of highly worked on Nexus 6’s, on a private network, and with a built in map program showing dangerous areas from white to red when the party enters those with the GPS turned on. A note from Liandra is attached saying

“These should keep you out of trouble. We will be in touch. -L "

Party gains Contacts(1) with M’nere clan

Group Decides upon non-true names:

Chris = Crestlin
Mike = Cipher
Matt = Osiris
Kyle = Nicholi
Shammayal = Catrin

-Michael goes to a museum in Menlo Park, see’s a piece by Keith Heiring, a very stylized statue that shows strongly to his prime sight. It looks like it relates to Life magic, specifically growth. Swap ‘research’ stats. Resonance to SF and to the East and more to the East.

End of Session:


Level up (will check on specifics later)
Clan M’nere Contacts (1)

Sacntum —> Michael Added +1 size ( currently 4 size/5 security)

Session 7: Entering the Big Leagues
Session 7: Entering the Big Leagues
Week 9: Weekend

-Party moves to Sanctuary and out of the house

Friday-Sunday: May 8th-10th

*Receive a note from Claire Kindler (M’nere) that a member of the M’nere Clan Peter M’nere wants to meet with the party and examine you

*Michael Adds a Hallow to the sanctum, a creek in an underground cave

*Shamayal upgrades Sanctum with +1 size, its now 5 size and 5 security

Week 10

Shamayal and kyrle work on sanctum, Michael does stuff in mountain view, Chris is in Freemont, Matt is working at home.

Monday May 11nth: Matt first talks to Suzane Norse and begins helping and working with her, bringing her back to the Sanctum with him along with her broken cell phone (tether).

Tuesday May 12th: Shamayal is attacked in a super market in San Fransisco by 2 mages. She fights them off and escapes. 1) Old hippie with ‘forces’ and 2) Young man with unknown powers. Shamayal almost loses a morality role. Gains 1 temporary torment.

Wednesday May 13th: party steals the Keith Heiring Statue from the Gallery in Menlo Park

Thusday May 14th: 10pm Peter M’nere visits and gives the party a great deal of information on Auras, specifically mages and demons, as well as ‘abominations’ which are things created by the rogue archmage Gregory. Made a deal for some mutual defense and information sharing where the party agrees

Thursday at ~midnight the party heads up to the sanctum and is attacked by unknown human hunters later learned to be the order of st Michael. Michael notices the enemies before they can attack, Chris lets the party talk to their cell phones, Michael gives the hunter in the ‘shotgun’ seat’s phone number. Michael talks to them " Why attack us" the response was “your abominations who consort with demons and deaders”. Michael fears the driver who almost crashes. Spikes laid out on the road almost derail the car but Chris puts a barrier under it. Party gets away and fixes car, changes its appearance and their auras, and holds up in Dennys to catch their breathe. Called the Stargazers for some info and was told it was the Order of St Michael and exchanged some information about them.

end of Session 7. Party gains 6 experience

Session 8: Invitations
Session 8: Invitations

Friday May 15th: Party goes home after the meeting at Dennys

3am that morning Chris wakes up to a sharp pain – the shard in his arm grew and poked out of the skin. Texts everyone and they all meet later that day.

Matt gives his ghost Suzane a ghost cell phone and a gun

The Artifact Grew: Artifact(2) —> (3) // and improved from 2 storage and +1 mana a week generation to 4 storage and 2 mana a week generation.
More of the image is now available and now shows people kneeling and worshiping a large majestic creature with wings holding a strange sceptor/item of some sort.
Inspecting it again with what they know now
resonances: war, subjugation, reinforcement, mutation.
Image of Demon having fixed it before comes to mind

Built a Safe Area in the Sanctum to Test it: activated it – michael is drained of 8 mana and the item tried to drain more but he resisted. A red scalled hand and another obsidian looking hand reach out of a black hole that appears like a giant crack in the floor. After Michael resists being drained of more mana the crack closes and the hands are pulled back.

Party hides the item in a tree on their property so it cannot be seen with prime/other sites.

Friday Night Party spends the night at the Sanctum: at 11pm Liandra M’nere texts them saying needs to meetup and deliver something to them. They agree to meet at the Denny’s in woodside and show up around midnight.

Liandra introduces the party to Kelvin Wee , a messenger for the Invictus who hands them a very formal silver and red letter inviting them to attend the Princes’ Court on June 6th at 10pm. It is addressed to everyones shadow names: Crestlin, Cipher, Osiris, Nickoli, Catrin. Kelvin is somewhat rude and very haughty, and leaves soon after handing over the note in a stretch limo. Liandra voices her dislike for the man and also situation, half apologizing for sharing their info with the higher ups and that this is what comes of it. She also gives the party some information and lets them know she will do what she can to give them a hand with figuring out what to do about the event and maybe get them a little practice somewhere else first.

Saturday May 16th:

2pm Carl calls Kyle back , they talk about their ally the Black Falls tribe, their enemy the Order, some mutual help between the groups, and a possible joint operation sometime between May 29th to 31st to take back their territory again with the help of the Black Falls in exchange for help vs the Order.

Saturday Afternoon: Michael Practices magic and makes a ring that allows him to have more magic on himself by combining two powers.

Sunday May 17th:

Sunday night: Liandra gets back to the party with two choices for events they can go to as practice runs. 1) A Lancea Sanctum Religious Mass or 2) a Daeva Clan masquerade ball both on the same evening, May 23rd at 11pm. She explains a little bit about each group and event and tell the group its probably better to have everyone go to one or the other as a show of strength. Either she will take them to the Daeva Ball or Claire Kindler will take them to the Lancea Sanctum Mass. The group decides upon the Daeva Ball, and Chris requests another event he can go to for the Lancea Sanctum at a later time.

Week 11:

Monday May 18th:

Thursday May 21st: Michael is in a coffee shop in Mountain View and runs into Min He and Aubert Demaray having a meeting with 3 other people. Using Prime sight Michael identifies the other three as demons and also is able to now tell that Min and Aubert are the same type of hybrid as Shammayal. After listening in to the conversation a little bit, Michael overhears the name ’Mav’ka’ and some references to a group, church, and some operations. Once the other three demons leave Michael says hi to Aubert and Min and talks to them for a little bit. He invites them to come to the house next Sunday (may 24th) like old times to hangout and catch up.

Ends of Session: 6 experience for everyone

Session 9: Kindred Court

These are my (Michael’s) session notes.

I’ll use this as a source to write a journal entry sometime after next session (which will likely be less objective). Ping me if you want edit powers to add to it.

Session 10: Kindred Court Part II + Post
Session 10: Kindred Court Part II + Post

These are my (Michael’s) session notes.

I’ll fill this out soon


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