Alexander Morough

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The Mage that started all of this mess. At least for all of you. Its hard seeing him and not remembering… bad things. The initial attack in Menlo Park. Liandra nearly dead in a box. The fight with Gregori. … Keira…. the list goes on. Chris recently saw him changing, and noted the huge scar over his back from helping Liandra try to kill him. Despite everything he is now an “ally”, helping run Odyssey along with Brad and Casey, and being available for advice and sometimes even assistance. His heart is in the right place even if sometimes its hard to agree with him.

Ally to the local hunters. currently on the Council’s shit list. Keeps the Peace in the neutral zone, SF, and oakland. Banned from SJ by the Invictus. Hated by Liandra M’nere. Old ally anf friend of Keira and Gregori.

Committed participants in the Pax Occulus.

Alexander Morough

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