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Head of the Council – Master of Magic


Ranking: Exceptional Leader to Weak Advanced Leader ~ 14.28
Shadow Name: Aurer
Real name: Gabrial
Path: Mastigos
Legacy: ?
Order: Leader of the Adamantine Arrow

Founder and leader of the Council
Gnosis 8, Prime 6 / Mind 5 / Space 5 / 3-4 all others
Social (Very Good), Mental (Exceptional), Physical (Good+)

Description: Sharp Witted, Strong willed, Powerful presence, color changing clothing (based on mood), oozing magic (gives off own leyline)

Player Descriptions:
Cipher: My “impression is almost purely from second-hand accounts and his general reputation. I think I’d prefer to earn as little attention from him as possible.”

Katerina: “I don’t think he’s a bad person, but he actively dislikes us for reasons that I think are unfair, so that’s not cool. He seems very legalistic and not open to considering other people’s persepctives.”

Crestlin: 1st impression “He’s crazy powerful, and yet at the same time, seems so angry. It would be cool to find some way to work with him if I’m doing real mage stuff” Current impression “I want as little attention as possible from him. He’s holding a vendetta for something I can’t figure out even as we did nothing we knew was wrong.”

Oberyn : " Aurer: what a jerk. I got it, you don’t like how we handled what’s his face, but you knew we were having problems with him and you didn’t do anything so we dealt with him. If didn’t want that you should have stepped in. Now you are being whiney and refusing to work with us, I don’t care how powerful you are, sometimes you just need to know when you move on and rebuild the bridge."


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