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While incredibly rare and difficult to identify let alone locate, the Demon presence in the Bay Area is undeniable. While they claim no territory and have no formal organization, most other factions of supernaturals have had some contact with the Fallen. However very recently there have been numerous reports of possible Demon activity in San Jose.

An earthquake shook the bay area on August 24 2014. While no injuries or significant damage was reported, it was harbinger of terrible things for the Bay Area. For the Fallen, it was a very special day with very special significance.


In Demon: The Fallen, players assume the role of one of the rebel angels who defied their Creator for love of humanity and for their rebellion were cast into the Abyss, a prison hidden deep beneath the lands of the dead. Over the millennia, the angels have been twisted by their suffering, manifest in the form of their Torment.

As the Sixth Great Maelstrom rages across the kingdoms of the dead, cracks have appeared in the walls of the Abyss, cracks small enough to allow the smallest and weakest of the Fallen to escape. Fighting both the force of the storm and the pull of the Abyss, they have made their way back to the material realm.

The only way they can remain there, however, is by taking a host – preferably a mortal whose soul was weakened enough to allow the Fallen to gain a foothold.

The process of possession exposes the Fallen to the mortal’s memories. In the majority of cases, this has no effect. A minority of Fallen, however, discover a deep-seated streak of humanity in their hosts, be it love, courage, ambition, curiosity, or even rage – something strong enough to shock them out of their Torment, to remind them of the angel they once were, even if only for a moment.

These human memories and emotions act as a bulwark against Torment, shutting out the memories of the Abyss, restoring the Fallen to some semblance of sanity.

The player character starts out as one of this minority, given a second chance by the memories of their mortal host. What they will make of it, however, is another story.

Houses of Darkness The seven Houses of the Fallen – the Sebettu

Factions Upon their escape from the Abyss, the Fallen divided their society into five Factions based on their outlook on humanity, God and themselves.


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