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Hierarch of Los Angeles.


Gave both Osiris and Cipher their adept/mastery tests in Death and Space as a favor to Tera

Ranking: Exceptional Leader to Weak Advanced Leader ~12
Shadow Name: Exodus
Real name: Marcus
Path: Mastigos
Legacy: Fangs of Mara http://whitewolf.wikia.com/wiki/Fang_of_Mara
Order: Guardians of the Vale
Age: unknown, looks 70+
Older refined and elegant gentlemen. Well dress, excellent posture, quick in speech and action.

LA Caucus: Hierarch
LA Guardians: Leader
West Coast Caucus: Guardian Representative and LA Hierarch

Classification: Leader(+)
Notable Stats: Gnosis 6, Death 5, Space 5, Mind 5, Prime 5, 3+ all others
Social (10) / Mental (12) / Physical (8)
Merits: Many social and mental
Extremely combat capable

Player Descriptions:

Osiris: “feeling positive about exodus mostly because i feel validated by him giving me good marks on my mastery test.”

Cipher: “Seems like a good, if slightly scary teacher.”

Katerina: “Don’t have a strong impression, but he seemed to do a good and fair job with people’s mage tests, so I appreciate that.”

Crestlin: 1st impression “Highly competent leader, and the sort of teacher you seem to get when someone’s gotten crazy-powerful.”

Oberyn : " Exodus: Seems like a nice guy. Would rather not have him as an enemy though, that seems like it would be terrifying."


Death is only the Beginning fasteraubert