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Council Leader – Master Thrysus

Ranking: Exceptional Leader to Weak Advanced Leader: ~13.44
Shadow Name: Jadis
Real name: Anja
Path: Thrysus
Legacy: Keepers of the Covenant
Order: Silver Ladder
Leader of the Silver Ladder
Related to several high ranking Blood Talon Wolves, including sister to their current cheif
Gnosis 7, Life 5/Spirit 6 / all others 2-4

Elegant, curious, wise, slow moving (cold spirit), loyal, warped by time in the Fey, cant Lie

Cold Spirit Familiar – ~15 dice

SF Caucus: Silver Ladder Councilor
SF Silver Ladder: Leader
West Coast Caucus: Thrysus and Silver ladder Councilor

Player Descriptions:

Cipher: “I’d respect her inability to lie if she didn’t seem to be such a threat to everything we care about. It’s nothing personal, but one of my current life goals is to take her down.”

Katerina: " Sanctimonious bitch. I do not like her, primarily because she’s hating on me for no good reason. Also her colluding with the werewolves even at the expense of the mages is a real dick move."

Crestlin: 1st impression “She’s clearly playing another game, but she’s not doing anything to us now.” Current impression “I don’t know what game she’s playing, but I don’t like it one bit. It’s like the Council has a mole on the inside and makes me wonder if that was the real price of escaping Seattle.”

Oberyn : " Jadis: Stupid blood talons. You sleep with the dogs and you’ll smell like a dog. I don’t know what her goals are but I don’t know why the mage council would let her have a vote given that she puts dogs ahead of mages."


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