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The Prince of the ‘East’ Bay

Born in 1830, Julian Luna came to California from New Orleans in 1849 to make his fortune in gold, settling in the mining country in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains. He met and married Evelyn in 1856, but their happiness was brief; Evelyn died in childbirth that very same year. Although his infant son John survived, Julian’s grief was so great that he could not be consoled in this life, even by his friend Archon Raine. But Archon Raine was more than a friend. He had the power to give Julian a new life—the life outside humanity. Archon Raine brought Julian into the Kindred, into the Gangrel clan, embracing him, allowing him to live a little longer along his human family, until time would age everything Julian knew, everything except Julian himself.

In 1899, the Julian Luna his family knew had to die. Yet, his grave is empty.

Leaving his family for his Kindred life, Julian detached himself from love, hope, and compassion. He became Archon’s Enforcer, demanding obedience of Kindred who walked outside the law, executing when necessary, assassinating when asked. Julian took for himself as well, forcibly embracing a young Alexandra Serris, bringing the gold miner’s daughter into the dark world of Kindred. Yet, he cared for her; he ensured that she was safe and that she prospered.

He also met Lillie Langtry who is the one woman most like him in all the world. Lillie moves in and out of his life just as easily as she moves in and out of his bedchamber. They are a pair, and when they love one another, they love selfishly; when they hate one another, they do so with like passion.

Alexandra and Lillie stir something within Julian that he had lost for decades: his compassion. He killed in the Prince’s name until one night, he’d had enough. He would kill no more. Seeing this metamorphosis within his Julian, Archon Raine finally stepped aside for his successor, continuing on as the new Prince’s adviser.

Under Prince Julian, the Kindred of San Francisco Kindred fell under new laws, and the peace remains, although fragile and not entirely without its moments of brutality. Still, Prince Julian held firm to his laws and enforced them without regard for his own personal interests. His devotion to peace among Kindred and his laws costs him Alexandra; he was forced to order a Blood Hunt against her. Equally capable of compassion and savagery, Julian struggles to ensure the Masquerade is upheld.

To the few humans who know him, Julian Luna is a reclusive industrialist, but to the Kindred, Julian Luna is the law. He knows what it is like to destroy life with calculated ruthlessness. He knows the love of the most beautiful of women. Passion rules the Kindred, and Julian Luna is as subject to it as anyone. He knows passion for his companions, his Sire, and his long ago human family, a family whose descendants he follows in secret as they live out their lives then die while he continues on, never aging.

Julian Luna

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