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Lillie Langtry has been called the greatest international beauty of her day. Oscar Wilde even called her “the new Helen.” Born in October 13, 1853 as Emilie Charlotte le Breton, she was the only daughter of the seven children of the Dean of Jersey, Channel Islands, starting out life as a girl on a small island with little chance of making a name for herself. As the young girl who liked to be called “Lillie” blossomed, there was no shortage of callers to her home, but it was a 30-year-old widowed Edward Langtry who finally married her after only six weeks. The marriage was a disappointment. Lillie was willful, demanding, and it became easy for Edward to measure his bride against his late wife.

There is little doubt that she was a most remarkable woman. Famous for her affair with the Prince of Wales Edward VIII, Lillie achieved notoriety primarily for her refusal to accept the strictness imposed upon her by Victorian society. With a clear disregard for convention, she entered establishments intended for “men only,” enjoyed the company of many brilliant men who treasured her wit and intelligence. She took to the stage as an accomplished actress and eventually achieved the title of “Lady” by her second marriage to Sir Hugo de Bathe.

On February 12, 1929 Lady Lillie le Breton Langtry de Bathe died. Or so everyone would believe.

Lillie Langtry turns up in California where she conquers hearts as she has everywhere she traveled. Men cannot touch her without wanting her, and one of those men is Julian Luna. Their affair is tumultuous. spanning decades. She lives in his house. He has need of her for companionship and advice. There is a bond between them that even moments of aversion and jealousy cannot break. Lillie is the Daeva Primogen. She owns “The Haven,” a neutral-ground club where the clans gather, where she can exercise her intelligence and wit to charm all who enter.

Lillie Langtry

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