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Mages are very common in the Bay Area, with a very strong presence in San Francisco in particular.

Powers and Abilities

There are five Watchtowers, and each exist in one of five Supernal Realms. Each one influences the Arcana a mage can use. Those who Awaken to the Watchtower of the Golden Key are Obrimos, to the Watchtower of Iron Gauntlet are Mastigos, to the Watchtower of the Lead Coin are Moros, to the Watchtower of the Lunargent Thorn are Acanthus, and to the Watchtower of the Singing Stone are Thyrsus.
Magic is the power to impose one’s will onto reality and is divided into ten Arcana. These are Death, Fate, Forces, Life, Matter, Mind, Prime, Space, Spirit, and Time. Each Path has two Ruling Arcana and one Inferior Arcanum. As mages develop their Arcana, they gain special attainments that show his growing power by transforming him. The total advancement of a mage’s understanding of Magic is referred to as Gnosis.

As mages grow into their new role, they find that they are constantly aware of the underlying symbolism of the Supernal within the world. This is referred to as Mage Sight. In order to not allow his magic to overwhelm him, Mages cling to the code of Wisdom, to protect them against Hubris.


After Awakening a mage will most likely join one of the five Pentacle Orders. These Orders are the Adamantine Arrow, the Mysterium, the Guardians of the Veil, the Silver Ladder, and the Free Council. Each one has an opposing philosophy, but struggle together against the three other groups: the Seers of the Throne, who are servants of the Exarchs, the Banishers, mages who wish to kill all mages, and the Mad, mages whose Awakening has driven them insane. Other remain Apostates.

Diamond Orders:

Symbols of Status The Diamond orders have a long history of recognizing significant magical achievement and capability with symbols of status. This is one part local traditions, one part law, one part historical significance and draws heavily from Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and Egyptian cultures. Symbols are used to denote membership, age, mastery level of spheres, areas of expertise, rank, and more.


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