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The contents of History, Places of Interest, Supernaturals, and People of Interest have been moved to DM only until they are encountered.

History The human history of San Francisco is a tale of discovery, innovation and invention, opportunities capitalized upon and lost to the ages, and perseverance in the face of adversity. The history of the supernaturals of San Fransisco is a little different, but filled with the same themes.

Places of Interest Supernaturals are drawn to the Bay Area for many reasons, plentiful prey, the great proximity of wealth, potential opportunities, the presence of powerful leylines, and the abundance of supernatural communities. This will list important locations of importance to the supernatural community.

Supernaturals The Bay Area is filled with all kinds of supernatural creatures and communities. Here is a list of the primary ones and their factions.

People of Interest Here is a list of all NPC’s in the campaign setting

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