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Mirko was born in Iceland in 835, the
son of a Viking and a weaver. He grew up in a small village
that was both ruled and protected by an ancient vampire
named Stilgar. During his early adulthood he became Stilgar’s favored disciple
and earned the Embrace. After years of tutelage under his
mentor’ s guidance, Mirkonen left his village to wander
Europe. Wherever war broke out, Mirkonen placed himself
in the middle of the fray, where the blood and glory were
thickest. Occasionally, his thirst for battle earned him
prolonged Torpor, but he emerged from each incident
reinvigorated and ready for new challenges.
Mirkonen was only a nominal supporter of the
Invictus, but he despised the Carthians for their practice of
patricide. He carried this hatred through to the modern
nights, which eventually led to his part in the destruction
of a Carthian infiltrator named Lisa Morrison
who claimed domain in the suburbs north of Chicago.
After a thorough investigation, theInvictus offered
Mirkonen a position as Archon.
Politely refusing, Mirkonen wandered west, where his
love of battle brought him repeatedly to Los Angeles and
San Francisco; he now waits for one or the other to break
into full-scale war so he can join the festivities. He partnered
himself with Gustavo Morales, and from time to time the
two Kindred hunt werewolves in San Francisco’s parks or the woods in the west bay area.
While it’ s not the full-scale mayhem Mirkonen anticipates,
it tides him over and makes him something of a cult figure
among the city’s Kindred. He also finds the taste of Werewolf
blood preferable to that of either animals or humans. It’ s a
vice he suspects he may someday regret. While the
BloodTalons would love to destroy Mirkonen, his native
cunning, hard-won knowledge of tactics, and lethal
aptitude with his own Disciplines make that prospect
both unlikely and daunting.

Image: Mirkonen is an enormous muscular man with
the same three-week beard growth he died with over a
millennium ago. There’s a certain vulpine cunning in his
eyes that makes others uncomfortable. He typically wears
black steel-toed work boots, jeans and a black t-shirt. As
something of a signature note, Mirkonen always wears a
mangy fur vest that he made years ago. When asked where it comes from he just smiles.

Relic List:

Matted Brown-Red Fur Vest: skinned from a defeated Blood Talon Cheiftain, one of the 9. When soaked with Mirko’s Blood and worn it provides great protection against the spiritual powers and totem spirits of the Blood Talons and their allied tribes.

Golden Brown Oak Leaf Pin: taken from a Autumn Champion

Shamen imbued:
Obsidian Tomahawk: taken from a Native American champion

Mirko Mirkonen

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