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Here you will find the names, backgrounds, stories, and current events of the other characters of the Bay Area. It will be organized by factions, each character has its own set of stats which initially will be GM only but will become available as information is gathered about them. Some Principle Members will have basic stats blocks initially as they are well known.

Instead of Attributes most NPC’s have Proficiency which shows the average dice roll for that catagory. These are meant to simulate 1-5 in attributes along with 0-5 in skills + merits and specialties. I ignore non-permanent and any spell buffs on non-combat stats as presented.

Social, Mental, Physical.
poor 0-2, average 3-6, good 7-8, very good 9-10, exceptional 11-12+

Hunters – Humans exposed to supernaturals that gain abilities that help them fight back and survive their encounter. Tend to find each other and form groups. Very strong presence in the neutral zone.

“Imbued” Hunters:
Charles McGinnis involved in the incident, Ally to Alexander Morough . Some contact. Member of the Lucifuge
Edith Sheffer involved in the incident , teacher at stanford, interrogated by the party afraid/unfriendly to Shamayal, Ally to Alexander Morough . Member of the Knights of Saint George .

Hawk Head of the local independent hunters
Neil One of Hawks lieutenants. Survivor of The Cleansing.
Dante One of Hawks lieutenants. Survivor of The Cleansing.

Cheiron Group
Christopher Lord – VP of Barthese Incorporated. Subsidiary of the Cheiron Group. Local Contact and sometime attendee of the Pax Occulus.

Malleus Maleficarum
Brother Anderson – Senior Member of the local ‘Church’. Local Contact and sometime attendee of the Pax Occulus.

Mages Mages are very common in the Bay Area, with a very strong presence in San Francisco in particular. The “Council” who ostensively rules the area is made up of several very powerful mages.

San Francisco The Council Mages: Local SF Consilium – Part of the West Coast Consilium
AurerHierarch of the SF Consilium – local leader of Adamantine Arrow – Master of Magic
Ritter – Sheriff Sentinel for Aurer and SF.

Jadis – Councilor for Silver Ladder – Master Thrysus- related to several high ranking Blood Talon Werewolves

Tenser – Councilor for Free Council- Thaumatech Engineers Elector

Circe – Councilor for the Guardians of the Veil- Moros Adept and Elector

Mysterium San Fransisco Bay Area
Prospero – Councilor for Mysterium- Acanthus duel Master
Diego : Retired Banker, owns and runs Biscuits & Blues
Richard : History teacher at SF state, met at Biscuits & Blues
Leila : Archaeologist, in town for vacation, met at Biscuits & Blues
Francis : Librarian at SFO city library, met at Biscuits & Blues
Jac : Blues player met at Biscuits & Blues
Kat : Translator met at Biscuits & Blues

Donald MCardleTellurian elder and researcher
Mathew OgalaTellurian Warden and Mysterium member

Phoenix Consilium
Tera local Hierarch in Phoenix and high ranking member of the Mysterium
Rod Sheriff Sentinel for Tera and Phoenix

Los Angeles Consilium
Exodus Hierarch in Los Angeles
Dutch Sentinel in Los Angeles and member of the Mysterium

Vegas Area Consilium
Tractus Hierarch in Vegas and Free Council representative on West Coast
Dice Sentinel in Vegas and member of the Mysterium

Eastern Asian Consilium – the second largest and strongest of the Pentacle order Consiliums. Represents the smaller consiliums of cabals throughout eastern / coastal Asia.

Dispater – senior member of Pentacle – Councilor in the Setting Sun Consilium in hong kong.

The Matrix Trappers
LayneTellurian and Mysterium member
MaryMysterium member
Oro -unknown affiliations
Pardy -unknown affiliations
Vindicta -unknown affiliations


Odyssey School
Deceased Keira Collins Former mentor, companion, and friend to the Watchers. Fell in the final moments of the cleansing. She will be remembered and her legacy will be continued by those she left behind.

Alexander Morough – Complicated relationships make for strange bedfellows. Who would have thought the man who ordered you all gunned down would one day be an ally. Currently acting Dean of the new mage school, persona non grata to The Council, and enforcer for the neutral zone.

Brad Kraust: male senior ‘apprentice’ to Keira Collins. Now teacher and administrator for the new mage school.
Casey O’donnel: female junior ‘apprentice’ to Keira Collins. Now head teacher at the new mage school.

Gregori and his Minions:
Deceased (probably) Gregori – Mage who used to be part of the council – also used to be an enemy of the Watchers before they orchestrated The Cleansing and ended his vile experiments and his tyranny of the neutral zone.

Viduus ex disciple of Gregori and Master Moros. Bokor Legacy.

The Watchers – group of recent awakened who have gained power very quickly and their allies. Founders of the Pax Occulus. Here is their recent Timeline
Association: members of the Phoenix Consilium and its local Mysterium.
Mage-Members: Cipher , Crestlin , Osiris, Nikolai
None-Mage-Members: Oberyn (Vampire), Katerina (Demon), Shamayal (Demon), Min He (Demon), Aubert Demaray (Demon)


Disbanded Stargazer Tribe Tribe of werewolves and their families located in woodside and up and down skyline.
Imprisoned Carlos Gasert head of Stargazer tribe. Good Friend and True Ally to the Watchers, and Kyle in particular. Survived The Cleansing but became embroiled in massive legal and civil cases after the Massacre at the families Woodside Ranch. Currently in prison awaiting trial.
Deceased Lisa Falker shamen and full wolf member of tribe. Friend and ally to the Watchers. Killed during The Cleansing.
Ken Gasert combatant and wolf-blooded member of the tribe. Survived the Cleansing and took his family to join their allies among the Blackfalls Tribe now the Silver Fangs.
Deceased Sara Ann Carter wolf-blooded member of the tribe. Friend and ally to the Watchers. Killed during The Cleansing.
Deceased Anna Falkner wolf blooded member of the tribe. Friend and ally to the Watchers. Killed during The Cleansing.
Deceased Brandon Gasert killed in Gregori’s takeover of the Tribes skyline cabins. Turned into an Abomination. Body recovered and buried.

Blackfalls Tribe – Allies of the Stargazers and friendly to the Watchers. Suffered greatly under the threat of both Gregori and the Invictus, capitulated to the Blood Talons and were merged with the Silver Fangs. Participated as allies to the Watchers in The Cleansing and suffered greatly for it.

Michaela Shamen and full wolf tribe member. still friendly, or at least not hostile, to the Watchers.
Deceased Dominic Cheif and full wolf tribe member. friend and ally to the watchers – killed defending the community center during The Cleansing.
Deceased Jordan Stone warleader and full wolf tribe member. friend and ally to the watchers – killed by Gregori’s Death Magic during The Cleansing.
Deceased Danial full wolf tribe member. killed by Gangrel near border. Avenged by The Watchers

Silver Fangs Sent by the Blood Talons to incorporate the Blackfalls Tribe and establish an outpost in the neutral zone. Assisted The Watchers in The Cleansing and lost many of their tribe. Falling out later on over a dispute with the New Bloods where two of their members stalked and killed several of the young vampires and were in turn killed by Caleb, Min, and Aubert.

Simmons Chief of the Silver Fangs. Longtime warleader, border guard, and high ranking of the Blood Talons. Led most of his tribes combatants to secure and incorporate the Blackfalls Tribe into a Blood Talon outpost. Decisive, experience, highly capable, low tolerance for incompetence or failure.

Mava Warleader of the Silver Fangs. Fierce front-line combatant with many powerful spirit pacts backing up her melee capabilities.
Accalla Second Warleader of the Silver Fangs. Extremely capable scout and skirmisher, typically in charge of the outer perimeter of their holdings.
Cuan Shamen of the Silver Fangs. Powerful healer and spiritualist, has been tirelessly working to empower, upgrade, and repair the Spirit Totem of the Tribe after the cleansing.


M’nere Clan Mercenary Clan working for the Invictus and Lancea Sanctum as scouts and border guards.

Cyric M’nere Head of the M’nere Clan, mostly out of CA/country on business. Breif ineteractions with The Watchers. Caleb’s Master and Sire.
Peter M’nere Doctor, senior member of the clan, and leader of the M’nere in the Bay Area.
Irya M’nere Founder and senior member of the clan, clan spy and scouting specialist
Marcus Crassus Head Ghoul and Familiar to Peter M’nere. Works for the M’nere Clan as a front-man.
Liandra M’nere Second in Command locally. Sired by Cyric. Stealth, recon, and combat specialist.
Claire Kindler Hacker and information specialist, Ghoul and Familiar to Liandra M’nere.
Deceased Gus M’nere Bodyguard and enforcer, senior member of the clan. Died defending the Palo Alto Haven against Alexander Morough and Hawk along with their allies.

Convergent Technologies M’nere Clan cover business used to cover up incidents in the Menlo Park/Palo Alto Area. Mostly destroyed and exposed at this point.

Members of the New Bloods
Lizzy Daeva. Leader of the New Bloods
Kane Nosferatu. 2nd in command
Meryl Gangrel. 3rd in command
Kylee Daeva. Lizzy’s childer
Shana Nosferatu. Kane’s childer

Members of the Invictus Covenant

Sara Anne Winder – Prince of San Jose
Miriam Caravaggio – Prince Winder’s Bodyguard
Mirko Mirkonen – Gangrel Primogen
Lillie Langtry – former Daeva Primogen
Enrico Deirdre – Mehket Primogen
David Vasquez – Ventrue Primogen
Sebastian Montgomery – Nosferatu Primogen

Members of the Lancea Sanctum
Luna Demian – Bishop of the Bay

Justicar Jaroslav Pascek – Justicar of the Blood Crusade
Archon Jatii – Archon of the Blood Crusade
Archon Richardo -Archon of the Blood Crusade
Rebecca King – Bishop of LA, accompanying the Blood Crusade to the Bay Area

Members of the Ordo Dracul
Katarina Zebran – Elder of the Order, Carthian Movement Ambassador for the Council
Mark Johnson – Septimi Peacekeeper, Invictus Ambassador for the Council

Members of the Carthian Movement

Deceased Julian Luna – Prince of the East Bay, Former Prince of SF
Betrayal Lillie Langtry – former Daeva Primogen
Archon Raine – Former Prince of SF, Adviser to Julian, and now def-facto Carthian king is SF

Members of the Circle of the Crone

Wan Zhu – Lili Zhou’s Adviser
Han Hui – Lili Zhou’s bodyguard
Lili Zhou – One of three Circle Leaders in the Bay Area



Angel Servents



Watcher Allies
Shamayal – ally of the Watchers and sometime resident in their Sanctum. Recently has been traveling alot for work.

Min He – ally of the Watchers and sometime resident in their Sanctum. Has been disinclined to be involved in recent activities after the incident with the Silver Fangs where she killed one.

Aubert Demaray – ally of the Watchers and sometime resident in their Sanctum. Has been extremely busy with work and professed disinterest in the local politics.

Lebeannal or “Bea” for short. Recent acquaintance turned contact turned ‘friend’ to Marie. Has attended Pax Occulus meetings.

Katerina member of the watchers.

(Unknown Affiliation)
Levinn &Lewis Law Firm
dead and banished Mr Levinn
dead and banishedMs Lewis
dead and banishedMr Fell
- fled and whereabouts unknown-Mr Laird
Changelings and Fae

Marine Headlands Changelings and Fae
Investigation and Photo of Children

Amanda Ryans
Type: Darkling Subtype: Helldiver
Nickname: Sprite

Alex Wilson
Type: Darkling Subtype: Bright One
Nickname: Kobold

Bernadette Russell (‘Benny’)
Type: Elemental Subtype: HunterHeart
Nickname: Ice Maiden

Claire Smith
Type: Elemental Subtype: HunterHeart
Nickname: Waterborn

Emanuel Garcia (‘Manny’)
Type: Ogre Subtype: Leechfinger
Nickname: Ogre

Natalie Navha
Type: Fairest Subtype: Nightsinger
Nickname: Elf

Nicole Garfield
Type: Fairest Subtype: Mirrorskin

Matt Jefferson
Type: Ogre Subtype: Gristlegrinder
Nickname: Troll

Abraham Lasker (‘Abe’)
Type: Wizened Subtype: Artist
Nickname: Gnome

Kode Hansen
Type: Darkling Subtype: SnowSkin
Nickname: Goblin


Skadi In Norse mythology, Skaði (sometimes anglicized as Skadi, Skade, or Skathi) is a jötunn and goddess associated with bowhunting, skiing, winter, and mountains

Other Supernatural Entities:

Ohlone Tribe notable people associated with the mana nodes on the tribal museum lands

Delsin Walker
Macha Walker
Wapi Harris
Minera Walker
Tohopka Reed

Murray Ananasi Clan

Anne Stenner
Kenny Stenner

People of Interest

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