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Council Leader – Moros Adept and Elector
Shadow Name: Circe
Real Name: Francine
Path: Moros
Legacy: Eleventh Question
Order: Guardians of the Vale
Temporary Elector of the guardians of the vale
Gnosis 4: Death 4/Matter 4/ Mind 3/Time3/ 2 all others

Her job was leaning up after Gregori left first in disgrace and then in exile. It has been her job to ferret out what he did and to who – figuring out who still has contact/affiliation with him.

Dislikes Keira, mutual, view each other as competitors for this job/position/title within the organization. Keira has European support. Circe has USA support. Faction split.

Has been unhelpful to Watchers, likely due to their close relationship to Keira.

Player Reactions:

Cipher: “I guess she’s a rival with a lowercase ‘r’ just based on her history with Kiera.”

Katerina: “I don’t particularly like her; she said she was on top of the Gregori situation when she super clearly was not. Also she didn’t get along with Keira. But other than meeting with the Mage Council about Gregori, I haven’t really interacted with her.”

Crestlin: 1st impression “There’s bad blood between her and Kiera. I hope she’s able to help us deal with this mess.” Current impression “I want to call her incompetent, but I can’t. She was given a really hard job, and we marched in all on top of her and possibly did a worse job with the aftermath than she would have. I would like to move past any issues she had with Kiera.”

Oberyn : " Circe: She doesn’t like me, but I don’t have anything against her.."


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