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Shadow Name: Diego
Real name: Roberto
Age: 49
Path: Mastigos
Legacy: unknown
Order: Mysterium
Description: friendly smile with knowing eyes. Dresses upscale business casual. Brags a little when he talks about things, probably leftover from his banking days. Owner of the Biscuit & Blues club in SF.

SF Mysterium: Acquisitor, 2nd in command in SF
West Coast Caucus (Mysterium): Member

Classification: Adept (++)
Notable Stats: Gnosis 4, Mind 4, Space 4 all others 1-2
Social (8) / Mental (6) / Physical (6)
Merits: Some of each

Player Impressions:

Crestlin: 1st impression “Seems likable enough as a front owner for a Mysterium base”


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