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Background: Kuei-jin know little of Han Hui’ s life before she took the Second Breath and almost as little about the early nights of her existence, which is just as she prefers it. Rumors abound, of course, ranging from tales of her life during the Opium Wars to her death at the hands of Communist soldiers in the 1960s (which would make her an extraordinarily young mandarin). Han Hui allows these rumors to circulate without comment, since they only add to her mystique and help confuse potential enemies.

Han Hui became known for accomplishing tasks in Los Angeles and San Francisco, a quality the August Courts need at this time. She is not entirely loyal to the Fence Menders faction. Concerns exist about her willingness to ignore tradition in pursuit of her goals, especially when combined with her talent for subtle political manipulation (more subtle than most of her enemies realize). Still, she may prove the least problematic choice in the eyes of the Honored Ancestors. As an eager reformist, she understands and desires the influence she
could wield as San Francisco’s ancestor. The end result of that knowledge means that means she will remove anyone who proves a threat to her ambitions. Her methods will be
as subtle as possible, but no less decisive— or permanent.

Image: Han Hui is a slight woman whose size and build belies her considerable strength and stamina. She wears her hair fairly short, emulating any number of modern styles. She likewise prefers contemporary clothing — from jeans and boots to a finely tailored power suit. She often wears sunglasses, and likes long, flowing coats (the better to conceal a weapon or two). Her appearance is
otherwise plain, but she radiates confidence and competence. She’s gregarious rather than seductive, and has a way of sounding reasonable regardless her statements.

Role-playing Notes: You have a vision, which you dedicate your existence to making a reality. The Quincunx’s Courts are so bound by ancient tradition and political games that they’ve become powerless, allowing gweilo to ride them roughshod. Even with the Sixth Age
staring them in the face, they refuse to change, but they must if they want to survive… and you will show them how. The Kuei-jin must hold on to the core of their ancient heritage and discard what does not serve them in this new age. In the past, you placed your hopes for reform in others, but they always disappointed you. Now you realize there’s no one else who can do what needs to be done. It’s up to you.

Han Hui

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