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When Hong Kong reverted to Chinese
control and the Kuei-jin hunted Asian Kindred, Kelvin
Wee fled to America in the hold of a cargo ship. He
resided in Seattle until his Prince informed him of the
situation unfolding in San Francisco and strongly urged
him to render service.
When Wee first arrived, he tried offering his services
to then-Prince Van Nuys. Unfortunately, Van Nuys’
“negotiations” were nothing short of the slow and
methodical capitulation of San Francisco to the Kuei-jin
who bluffed their way into power.
After Sara Winder assumed the Princedom, Wee
took an immediate liking to her and she to him. Neither
had any intention of handing San Francisco to a bunch of
pompous outlanders. Since that time, Wee operates
secretly on Winder’s behalf with the Mandarinate as well
as acting as the Camarilla’s negotiator with the Kuei-jin
(though he knows nothing of the Cloud Mandarins’
threats, which they voiced only through Van Nuys).
When Winder fails to make any headway thanks to Van
Nuys, she relies on Wee as an alternative route. Wee, in
turn, presents her ideas as his own to avoid any stigmas
associated with her name.

Image: Kelvin is an amazingly large Chinese man. He
stands just over six feet tall and, while he’s not fat, he is
without a doubt a man of substance. He dresses in tailored
suits and fine apparel, understanding how the Kuei-jin place
great emphasis on physical appearance and public face.

Kelvin Wee

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