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In the fall of 1760, a fiercely intellectual
spinster named Luna Demian was traveling from Prague
to Basel, Switzerland, collecting the belongings of her
recently deceased father. Another passenger joined her in
the cab shortly after sundown on the second night, and
the two women had an unusually lively discussion on
matters academic and philosophical. It was the first time
in her life that bookish Demian felt truly understood. The
passenger left the carriage not long before dawn and
Demian, disappointed, resolved herself to enduring the
journey to Basel alone. The next night, however, her
companion Eve returned and the conversation continued.
Again, they spoke until just before dawn when Eve took
her leave. When Eve returned on the third night, Luna
asked her what it was like to be a vampire. Eve extended
an invitation to Demian to find out for herself, and the
brilliant spinster — with nothing looming in her future
but a solitary life and a lonely death — accepted.
The encounter was not the accident it appeared.
Demian’s Sire, Eve Cavanant was a Pontifex of the Lancea Sanctum
who had been watching Demian’ s father. When
the elder Demian became too feeble minded with age, Eve
turned her attentions on his daughter. The meeting
aboard the carriage was an interview to certify the woman’s
intellect warranted her Embrace by so powerful an
individual as Cavanant. She was deemed worthy.
Demian’s talents with research and the occult were
even greater than Cavanant dared hope; her political
talents, however, were not. While her Theban Sorcery
skills were finely honed, she failed to elevate herself
greatly in the Lancea Sanctum’s hierarchy.
In the intervening years, Demian devoted herself to
the cloistered life of a mystical researcher to the best of her
ability, steering clear of her clan’s notorious political
games as much as possible. While this prevented her from
rising through the ranks, it benefited her magical studies
immensely. Owing to her relatively low rank, however,
Demian was powerless to avoid reassignment from Europe
to the far western backwaters of the United States. Against
her wishes, she was made the Theban Bishop of San Francisco.

In recent years, Demian has assumed a kindly
professorial role in relation to Martin Franckel. He learned
a great deal about Theban Sorcery from her, and she
appreciates another Leancea Sanctum member above covenant politics. Owing
to her predecessor’s demise and the general state of
martial alert, Demian has grown paranoid since her
transfer to San Francisco. At any given time, she is likely
to command between five and 12 well-armed and armored
ghouls At Franckel’s suggestion, they stay linked by
discreet two-way radios, not unlike those used by the
presidential secret service. Given her dramatic appearance,
Demian’s arrival with her entourage is an
impressive spectacle, even in a city as accustomed to
drama and artifice as San Francisco.

Image: Luna means “moon,” and Luna Demian takes
her name very seriously. She was middle aged when she
received the Embrace and her hair had already turned silver.
Furthermore, death has given her a smooth white alabasterlike
appearance, and she has a notable penchant for wearing
white and silver lace dresses. Those elements, when combined,
project an image that others find vivid and unforgettable, as
befits a woman of her vast learning and achievement.

Luna Demian

Death is only the Beginning fasteraubert