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Martin Franckel was born and reared in
Los Angeles. He was not particularly popular in high
school and took refuge in math, astronomy and other
interests that his peers labeled “nerdy.” His interest in
intellectual pursuits served him well, however, and he
attended college solely on scholarships. He was an
engineering graduate student at UCLA, planning a long
and comfortable life as a computer systems engineer when
he received the Embrace.
His sire was Almiro Suarez, one of the rare anarch
Tremere, a Lick only a few years into his unlife who
assumed (rightly, as it turned out) that Franckel’s talents
and obsession with computers would translate well into
skill with Thaumaturgy. Suarez taught Franckel the
fundamentals of unlife and the two became, if not exactly
friends, then comfortable acquaintances. That ended one
night when Franckel asked his Sire what grand cause his
Embrace served. He wanted meaning in his newly
nocturnal existence — and he didn’ t receive it. When
Franckel discovered his comfortable future had been
taken from him on a whim as part of an experiment, he
went berserk and diablarized the physically weak Suarez.
Franckel’s immediate response was
“OhmygodwhathaveIdone?!” He fled Los Angeles and,
after a while existing around California, came to San
Francisco. To his surprise, there existed a whole community
of relatively savvy vampire magicians. The woman in
charge of the region’ s Tremere, Luna Demian, took
Franckel in and judiciously ignored the spiritual diablerie
marks on his aura. Franckel now acts as her research
assistant into Thaumaturgical matters.

Image: Martin Franckel is a handsome man with
curly dark hair and large eyes, though his nose might be
just a bit too large for his face. He does not dress with any
distinction whatsoever, and may wear the same rumpled
clothing for several days.

Roleplaying Notes: What the geek with big glasses
and a pocket pen protector is to computers, you are to
Thaumaturgical ritual. Your entire life centers on magical
theory. You don’t like socializing with non-Tremere
because you can’ t talk to them, and if you do, they just
don’t understand what you mean. Even basic Cabbalistic
concepts like the Holy Sephiroth — which absolutely
everyone should know — appear beyond them. It drives
you nuts.

Martin Franckel

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