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Background: A dancer when dancing was scandalous
and improper, Miriam Caravaggio was used to people
mistaking her for a prostitute. She was thus hesitant to follow
the man who invited her to his hotel after one of her
performances. She intended to refuse in no uncertain terms,
but the moment she looked into his dark eyes, she said yes.
Miriam received the Embrace less than an hour later.
Solomon Greene, her sire, had seen some hint of genius in
her steps that he felt he needed to preserve; so he brought
Miriam into the world of the Kindred.
While initially content to be a thing of beauty and
refine her art, the Embrace had a curious impact on
Miriam’s artistic sensibilities. She extended her onceecstatic
love of dancing, now blunted by her blood thirst,
into more aggressive interests. Miriam became interested
in the similarities between dance and combat. Dance,
gymnastics and martial arts were all techniques through
which the body became more amenable to the will, and,
consequently, more dangerous. In time, her ability to turn
murder into a beautiful dance form earned her some small
fame among Kindred. In fact, when Prince Winder was
offered either a Brujah or Assamite bodyguard, she chose
neither and asked Miriam to take that role.
Since beginning her service to Prince Winder, Miriam
already killed two Kuei-jin assassins in a heady rush of the
feral and martial dance of combat. She also developed a
taste for fighting the often apt and graceful Kuei-jin,
though whether or not her lust to test her skills will
endanger Prince Winder remains to be seen. To her
credit, Miriam is still a professional who can control her
desires… for now.

Image: An extraordinarily lithe and beautiful young
woman, Miriam dresses to accentuate her form while
allowing herself complete range of motion. She most
frequently wears a black body suit with a brightly colored
(and easily removable) sarong.

Miriam Caravaggio

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