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Sara Anne Winder was the firstborn of
English nobleman Roger Winder, and she came of age in
an era when such distinctions meant worlds of difference.
Her touch-eccentric father insisted she be educated
exactly as a young man would be. Her intellect shined like
a beacon, and she possessed a hungry mind. Contemporary
society considered it extremely unladylike behavior for a
young woman to attend a university, but, by colluding
with her father and masquerading as a young man, she
graduated from Oxford with honors.
When Oxford’s regents discovered they had given an
advanced degree to a woman, they promptly revoked it
and accused her of base dishonesty, conveniently ignoring
the fact they wouldn’t accept her otherwise.
Winder, wealthy enough to play a lady of leisure, didn’t
need the degree but was angry nonetheless. She associated
with those on the fringes of English society: authors,
playwrights and actors. She took up with a long-term
female companion and scoffed at those who accused them
of “ an unusual and remarkable fondness for one another.”
She had an almost magical talent for extracting what she
wanted from others, and rarely refrained from using her gift.
By so doing, Sara Winder created something of a cult
around herself. The nobility, while scandalized by her
behavior, respected both her family and her obvious genius.

Charlotte Ingraham groomed Winder for immortality
two years before she gave the young woman the Embrace.
The first year she carefully introducing Winder to elements
of what she referred to as “The Society of Night.” The
second year she ghouled Winder, and, just as the young
woman’s “radical stance” elicited serious repercussions in
the mortal world (thanks to the efforts of a scandalized
Anglican bishop), Ingraham gave Winder the Embrace
and spirited her away to Italy.

Winder remained in touch with her family through
correspondence until their deaths. She told them the
political and moral atmosphere of England was repugnant
to her and she would not let it bring her down (or them by
association with her). With her old, breathing life in the background, Winder
set her sights on a whole new realm ripe for charming: that
of the Kindred. With the guidance and instruction of her
Sire, Winder became a strong proponent of Invictus ideals. With time those ideals, backed by her formidable intellect, earned her increasing respect among the Kindred.

The most valuable chip in Winder’s portfolio, however, was her recent performance in the war to retake New York City. As one of the strategists behind the New York reconquista, Winder’ s star rose in Invictus circles. Too high, perhaps, for her own good. Certain old-guard Kindred still worried about her ambitions and cocky manner, and they nudged the Inner Circle to grant her fondest wish: princehood of a major city — once she retakes it from the invading Circle of the Crone. If she fails, they’ll have the satisfaction of seeing an upstart eliminated from a position of power. If she wins… well, so much the better for the Invictus

Image: Prince Winder is as cute as a button. She pulls
her long blonde hair back in a ponytail and her eyes, blue as ice caves, sparkle when she smiles. She dresses casually, but makes a point of wearing clothes that accent her lithe build.

Sara Anne Winder

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