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Elector of the Free Council and member of the Thaumatech Engineers

Talks quickly, fidgets and cant sit still, types on a phone often, gets out a laptop if bored (which is quite often), Laptop/Phone are magical tools.

Shadow Name: Tenser
Real name: Nicky
Path: Obrimos
Legacy: Thaumatech Engineers
Order: Free Council

Position: Elector of the Free Council
Ranking member of the Thaumatech Engineers


Gnosis 5: Forces 4, Matter 4, Prime 4
Carthian Affiliation – Google/Berkeley area of influence

Player Descriptions:
Osiris: “Tenser seemed likable and i kind of feel bad about how the big vampire fight turned out for him.”

Cipher: “Seems entirely likeable. I’d like it if he had more influence in the Council, but it’s not clear that he even wants that.”

Katerina: “Nerdy guy who is in over his head. I do feel bad for him and the Free Council mages getting wrecked in the vampire war crossfire.”

Crestlin: 1st impression “Oh, hey, a sane-looking member of the Council!” Current impression “He’s cool, and really cares for his people. It’s a shame that things have gone so poorly for them.”

Oberyn : " Tenser: cool guy, no problems with him, sorry his people got involved with those dirty carthians."


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