The Council

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The True Authority. The Feared Boogeymen. Those who shall not be spoken of. The magic glue holding the supernatural world in check in the bay area. At least according to themselves.

With the veil pulled back over their eyes the Watchers have no finally met and dealt directly with most of the council members and many of their affiliates.

Council chambers:



Aurer – Head of the Council – Master of Magic
Jadis – Council Leader – Master Thrysus- related to several high ranking Blood Talon Werewolves
Prospero – Council Leader – Master Acanthus
Tenser – Council Leader – Transhuman Engineer Adept and Elector
Circe – Council Leader – Moros Adept and Elector

Symbols of Status The Diamond orders have a long history of recognizing significant magical achievement and capability with symbols of status. This is one part local traditions, one part law, one part historical significance and draws heavily from Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and Egyptian cultures. Symbols are used to denote membership, age, mastery level of spheres, areas of expertise, rank, and more.

The Council

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