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Background: Wan Zhu fled China’s Cultural
Revolution, knowing there would be no place for an
intelligent, educated woman in the new People’s Republic.
Like many others, she sought refuge in Hong Kong, and
eventually became curator of Wanchai’s Museum of
Chinese Historical Relics.
Wan Zhu made the acquaintance of a silver-haired
English gentleman who visited the museum each evening
shortly before it closed. He explained that he was a
collector and student of Chinese culture. Wan Zhu found
his knowledge and insight impressive for a Westerner.
She also found his attention and interest in her opinion
both flattering and attractive. Against her better
judgement, she spent more time with her newfound
friend, even after the museum closed for the night. It was
a special part of an otherwise lonely life.
One night, Wan Zhu’s gentleman friend asked to see
her after-hours, claiming he possessed a new acquisition,
a rare jade artifact he wanted her to authenticate before
donating it to the museum. Excited by the prospect of
such a find, Wan Zhu gave no thought to being in danger.
When he arrived, her friend Oliver Thrace r evealed his
true nature and Embraced Wan Zhu. He had been studying
her for some time, and she was just what he needed: an
intelligent and capable Chinese woman to act as his

Thrace vanished one night when the war for Hong
Kong shifted in the Kuei-jin’s favor. Wan Zhu didn’ t
question her good fortune. Instead, she took what grimoires
and tomes she could and used resources she knew Thrace
kept hidden, arranging her own escape to San Francisco.
There she disappeared into Chinatown. With nothing
more than patience, willpower and enforced separation
from her sire, she overcame Thrace’s blood bond. Finally,
she had her freedom.

Image: Wan Zhu is an elegant, mature woman whose
eyes gleam with intelligence. She normally dresses in
fairly traditional Chinese clothing and carries herself
with an air of quiet dignity. She’ s learned to stay silent
most of the time, speaking only when she needs to but
listening carefully to everything going on around her. She
typically wears her long hair bound up. She can use her
sharp hairpins as weapons or tools in a pinch.

Roleplaying Notes: Once you were a slave, taken and
made into a monster by a man you liked. Now you trust no
one, and you will never be enslaved again. You hate what
you’ve become and you hate the creatures that made you.
The honor and civility of Kuei-jin society attracts you, and
allows you to overlook the fact they are as much monsters
as the Kindred they fight. You will make a place for yourself
within the New Promise Mandarinate and see some Kindred
burn along the way… if the Kuei-jin don’t betray you as well.
You wonder what became of your sire and tormenter.
Although you would dearly love to see him burn to ash, you
also fear he would awaken the feelings of loyalty and desire
you hope remain buried forever.

Wan Zhu

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